References from photographers

“A lovely model to work with, she’s patient, very kind and listens intently to what is needed from her! :)”

– Requiem1984, Singapore

“Elen is easy-going and very pleasant to work with.”

– Swanage, Singapore

“Talented. Was great fun, Elen took my ideas and added her interpretation. Creative and a delight to work with”

– Themadhattertography, Malaysia

“A professional model who was very easy to work with.The communication before and during the shoot was perfect. It was a pleasure to do a shoot with her and the results were great.” 

– ATsg, Singapore

“Elen is professional, and easy to work with. Was ready to shoot at the appointed time and contributed ideas to our shoot session.”

– Dino Valtieroiz, Jakarta

“A beautiful and professional model. Very enjoyable to work with. Elen has a great sense of style and pose.” 

– Paul Wesley Photography, Australia

“Elen’s a wonderful model to work with. She is fun, easy going and very experienced. My shoot with her went very well and we had tons of wonderful photos as a result. Highly recommended to photographers!” 

– Adam – PassionsGrace, Tasmania

“Great Model, Super Professional Great Poses” 

– Mr Tello, California

 “Elen is a lovely model and guest. I would not hesitate to recommend or work with her anytime. Due to delays on my part we had a somewhat rushed shoot yet still got enough high quality images for publication!”

– NYLAPhotog, California

“Elen was great to work with… very professional and skilled. It was one of those very rare shoots where it’s a case of every single image being a winner and having to choose from that rather than the few good ones you get. Highly recommended!”

– Kirino, California

“Elen was such a fun and easy going model to work with that I unreservedly recommend her 100%. Very professional, nothing was too much trouble and her smile will brighten the dullest day. Can’t wait to work with her again!” 

– Dorne, Australia

“Elen is a very flexible, smart and beautiful model. It has been great working experiences with her! Thank you” 

– Bruce Studio, California 

 “Elen was wonderful and professional, and it was great working with her!!” 

– Pixels by Alex, Australia 

“Elen’s enthusiasm and personality she brings to the shoot is a pure delight, Her professional poses, facial expressions and fun loving nature also make for a fantastic photo study. Highly recommended for your next shoot.”

– Barry2718, Australia

 “Elen is a total professional; comfortable, quick to understand what the photographer wants and handles challenging situation with easy. I highly recommend her.”
– Image_junkie, Australia

“Elen was one of the best models I have worked with. Super easy, nothing was a problem and needed next to no direction. I cannot wait to work with her again.” 

– BrandonPotts, Australia

“Elen brings a relaxed feel to shooting, she is comfortable in a wide range of styles. A real pleasure to work with, you will not regret booking her.”

– BespokeImages, Australia

“Elen is a wonderful model to work with, she communicates well, arrived on time followed directions well and was great to work with.”

– Greg Alford, Australia

“Elen was professional and was quick to understand what I was aiming for. Very nice person to work with.”

– Geoffrey Pereira, Singapore

“Amazing model with a great deal of experience! She definitely value-add to the photoshoot with her good suggestions as well as her ability to change her appearance! Her poses are great in photos as well! :)” 

– Johnny-Studios, Singapore

 “Wonderful model and person all round. Would not hesitate to work with Elen again.” 

– Colin Bates, Australia

“A wonderful model – sharp and attentive to direction; beautiful and creative.” 

– Dcimages, Australia

“Elen is a great model. She is very professional . She arrived on time and communication was from the start very easy. Collaboration went smoothly and she adapts to photographer’s needs. That was a long waited and successful shooting.” 

– Nicolas Vanden, Netherlands

 “Very good model I have worked with a couple of times with excellent result” 

– ilLOminatus, Indonesia

“Elen communicated clearly and professionally beforehand, arrived on time and with wardrobe/makeup as requested. Once on set she worked confidently and collaboratively. I would happily shoot her again.” 

– Mark Scott Johnson, Australia

 “Beautiful, exotic red hair, warm personality, and very professional. Great to work with.”

– Haishi, Singapore

“Fantastic model. Great communication, arrived on time, very easy to work with and Elen made some fantastic poses, resulting in some superb images.”

– Seventy7Photography, England

“Easy-going and flexible model with great look and attitude.”

– Alex Petrenko, Switzerland

 “I was lucky enough to work with the beautiful Elen recently on her trip to London. Great communication from start to finish. She was effortless to shoot and looking forward to having the chance to do so again some time. Thanks E :)”

– Historiq, London

“Working with Elen is a pleasure. She is a stunning, skilled model, who needs little direction and can bring a scene to life. Her friendliness and open mind makes it easy to work with her and her level of professionalism guarantees outstanding results. Thank you Elen and I hope we can work again in the future.”

– Ronb5, Switzerland

 “Very professional and beautiful model. A great pleasure and inspiration to work with!”

– ANP Photography Production, Singapore

“nice girl, very professional work !”

– Toni-art, Germany

 “Highly recommendable model.”

– Szundi, Austria

 “I loved this beautiful, tall and very professional model. Elen is very easy to work with, which makes the whole thing perfect.”

– Matt Wiven, France